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As we walked over to it I checked out her little fanny. She stepped into the tub and motioned for me to do the same. Large enough that most people thought it was a hot tub. So big that we could sit opposite of each other and lean our backs against the walls while still having a good view of the others privates. Then she began to soap herself up in a way I can only describe as flirtatiously.

Once I realized what I was doing I stopped my stroking motion, but left my hand on my cock.Living in such a sparsely populated area meant that girls were slim pickings.As it would turn out my sister ended up being the hottest girl in the school once she began to develop.It was all working out swimmingly until I moved to stroke myself off while she was pealing off her dress. My sister grabbed my shirt at the waist and ripped it off over my head hard enough to cause damage to my earlobes.She was looking in the mirror and she must have caught a glimpse of movement through the tiny holes of the hamster. She then grabbed me by my left earlobe like a teacher at school would and pulled on it telling me to get out.

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